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Mukena is the equipment used for worship rather to pray. At some time ago mukena probably just white only. But as the development mode, mukena undergo significant changes.
One example is the color that is increasingly diverse. Model & harga mukena dubai is now also a lot of modifications that make a lot of people, especially women are interested to buy it.
Bali white veil for praying
Today there are many models of the latest mukena but which one should you buy?

Japanese cotton mukena

Mukena Japanese cotton is now also becoming a trend among women. Just like the name suggests, this mukena made from Japanese cotton. Besides feels cool when worn, mukena is also very distinctive floral motifs. Generally mukena Japanese cotton is packed in a bag so it is easy to take anywhere.
Although it offers a variety of benefits, it turns out there is a shortage that is owned by this mukena. The shortage is the price is quite expensive. Naturally, this is because raw material prices are already expensive Japanese cotton.

Bali white veil for praying

Some time ago mukena Bali had been a model mukena dubai  most hits. Mukena this one is not made of cotton, but rayon is made from materials that fall.
When using mukena Bali maybe you'll feel like wearing cotton mukena. This is because the materials used really cool and makes you comfortable.
Balinese mukena special again is decorated with unique floral. The pattern was not made using machines: it is made by hand by craftsmen. Although beautiful, the price is very affordable Balinese mukena.

mukena embroidery

For those of you who like to look elegant, possibly buying mukena embroidery is the most appropriate choice. Mukena this one made of silk fabric was cold and did not make hot when worn.
As the name suggests, the uniqueness of this mukena certainly originated from embroidery motifs that exist on the surface of the fabric. Exquisite embroidery that exist in this mukena created using the machines but there is also made by hand. Because the beauty of this embroidery, the price could reach hundreds of thousands.
Maybe that's some examples mukena motif that had become hits until now.
So which one is suitable for you to buy? In order find mukena suitable for you, there are some tips that could be considered. Among them:
(1). Buy mukena consistent with the character yourself. For example, you like the embroidery, then the solution would only buy mukena embroidery.
(2). Select mukena with unique motifs and unusual. So it is not easily confused with anyone else's.
(3). Price mukena also required your attention. If your budget adequacy, better to buy mukena Bali alone. But if the budget much, perhaps you can buy a very beautiful embroidery mukena.
Those are some things you can consider before buying a variety mukena that are now becoming a trend.
As a consumer of course you want to get the most inexpensive models mukena not?
No need to worry because there are tips that you can emulate. First you can purchase through the online store or marketplace. Then after visiting the online store, look for the lowest price from a seller that has been trusted. If it is matched perhaps you can make buying and selling. It's easy not to get mukena this cheap price?

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